Will you marry me? – Thursday 29th February 2024

Will you marry me?

Tradition has it that today I can go up to a boy I like and say ‘Will you marry me?’. All because it’s the 29th of February. Ok, so I’m a dog and not actually likely to be getting married. I’m also a fairly modern sort of girl. I wouldn’t have been limited by the date even if I were the marrying type. When you think about it, the tradition is just one of the many things wrong with the human world where questions of equality arise.

Mind you, I did try using it as a reason that Mum should take me to the race course at the right time to see my boyfriend. Sadly, as we didn’t get to Charlecote yesterday Mum says we have to go there today so she meets her objective for the month. Whose walk is this? Why don’t I get to decide where we’re going? Mind you, I am going to the race course tomorrow with my friend Hollie, so I can’t really complain.


Today really is D-Day – with the D standing for Drain. It is hopefully the day when we will start to find out who’s pinched our drains – or at least where they now go. I don’t know how long it will all take, but I’m going to keep out of the way while it’s happening.

Yesterday the builders poured the floor of the new garden room. I so want to go in and leave my pawprints for posterity, but Mum says I mustn’t. They also started to take out the old utility, which is really weird as that’s a room I use so much.

Hopefully in the next few days quite a lot will start to happen so that some things might start to look finished. I can’t wait. I’ve already planned a date to invite all my friends round, but fortunately that’s still a few months away.



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