A Stressful Day – Friday 1st March 2024

A stressful day

Yesterday was a stressful day with Mum trying to understand as much as possible about our drains – or lack of them. On the bright side, whilst we didn’t have any working drains, by the end of the day we did have a plan. From Mum’s reaction I think even that was good news. However, she has warned me that as a result there may be a lot of work going on all of a sudden and I’m not sure I’m so happy with that idea. On the bright side, I guess the sooner they can get on then the sooner it will all be sorted out. It would be nice to have my home and garden back.

February continues

Now, I know you think it is now March, but Mum has a solution to the new year’s resolution problem. We didn’t get to Charlecote yesterday so technically Mum has now failed on one of her new year’s resolutions. However she has a plan. We are going to declare a day as an honorary February day, so that we keep the resolution going. That means we have to do at least two National Trust properties this month. That should be easy – I think.

Exciting weekend

I’m looking forward to an exciting weekend. Tomorrow is an ordinary day with more gardening, but Sunday I have a walk with lots of my friends. It’s an Entlebucher walk at the country park in Daventry. I’ve been before and really like it there. Some of the dogs who are coming are ones I see regularly and really enjoy the company of. Others are ones I haven’t met before but have heard all about from Mum. All being well, two of Shadow’s daughters will be there and that will be just lovely. I shall try to get Mum to take lots of photos.



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