Handle with care – Wednesday 28th February 2024

Handle with care

Yesterday, where Mum was concerned, I had to handle with care. I was all ready with my therapy dog behaviour in an attempt to calm her down. Firstly, our drain survey didn’t happen. Somewhere there was a miscommunication and it isn’t until tomorrow. Given that most of the work has had to stop to wait for this it is causing a lot of grief.

Secondly, Mum tried to do something online which should have been easy. She got to the last page and was given an error code and a number to ring. The first person put her through to the second person. The second person transferred her to the third person. In turn they made her go through all the detail again before telling her there seemed to be a lock on the account and they couldn’t do it either. It was when the person said to Mum she must have tried to do something too many times that she really started to steam. She pointed out that only if once was too many! She was not happy.

New Year’s resolutions

The problem with new year’s resolutions when you set yourself a monthly target is the end of month panic. Mum is panicking – well, not really panicking, she’s just being determined. Yesterday was the 27th February and she still had to visit a museum and a National Trust property before the end of the month. That gave her three days. Yesterday she went to Stratford Armouries, but I couldn’t go to that. Now we have today and tomorrow to cover the National Trust property.

We were going to Worcester Country Park this morning, but I think that may not happen. Instead, we will probably go to Charlecote Park this afternoon. We have been before, but not since Mum started counting them towards her target. It’s been closed for a while because of the flooding, but reopens today. I think we may both need our wellies if we go. It will depend on the weather I suspect.



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