My leg hurts – Saturday 2nd March 2024

My leg hurts

I don’t know why but my leg hurts. Yesterday I went for a lovely long walk. I had a run and did a couple of circuits of the race course with my friend Holly. I didn’t complain at all at the time, but then when I got in the car I screeched when I got a sharp pain. Then it happened again a couple of times at home. Mum is hoping if I rest it today then it will feel well enough for my walk tomorrow. It is so annoying, as you get older, to have parts of your body hurting for no apparent reason. Mum wants me to be fit for my weekend in the Lake District later this month. I ended up at the vet when we went last year and I really don’t want to have that happen again.

If I’m still hurting on Monday then Mum will take me to my own vet here.

Inspecting my new room

I’ve been inspecting my new room at home. It is coming on. There is a door on it now, which is a big step forward. The exciting thing is that it’s a stable room so I can have some of it open and get lots of air. I can either have my crate under the side right by the door or under the bench further in. I might want to try it in both places before I decide. That will be all right as long as Mum doesn’t mind keep moving it until I’m absolutely sure I’ve chosen the best spot. It will be so much better when I don’t have to have it in Mum’s office and I can fit one of my big beds in there instead.

I think the next step is for the boiler to move outside so they can fit my room out as I want it.



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