Home again briefly – Tuesday 19th March 2024

Home again briefly

I’m home again briefly, but have to go out for the day again today. Yesterday we drove back a different route. Mum says she doesn’t like the motorway that is the most direct way to go and the traffic is really bad. It meant we drove across some hilly bits of the country so we could drive down the other side. To be honest from my point of view it made little difference as I slept for most of the way. In my defence, Dad slept for much of it too.

On the bright side, we got home safely and with time to go outside to check what had been happening in the garden. It has clearly rained here too and there are some awfully big puddles again.

Today’s outing

Today’s outing is not nearly so exciting but is essential. I have to go with Mum to Bedford to help load some furniture into a van and bring it home. Actually, the man with the van will bring it home, we just have to drive faster than he does so Mum is here to unload when he gets here. That bit sounds complicated, but isn’t nearly as difficult as working out where it’s all going to go. We’ve already got some things piled on top of other things, so it isn’t going to be straightforward. As long as it doesn’t involve my bed having to move then I don’t mind.

Booked in to the vet

When we got home yesterday I finally gave in and agreed for Mum to book me in to see the vet about my knee. I don’t really want to go as it is likely to mean being sent for an MRI scan and probably then an operation. The worst part is how long I’ll have to put my paws up for the recovery, but I guess I managed before so I will get through it somehow. Step one will be to see the vet on Thursday.



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