Very Wet – Monday 18th March 2024

Very wet

Yesterday we got very wet. I blame Mum for declaring part of the day to be February so that she could fulfil her new year’s resolution. We started by visiting Tarn Hows, which is owned by the National Trust. That ticked the February box. I wore my knee brace all the way around the walk and was fine. Once I got back to the car I had to take everything off as I was wet through. I thought that was bad until I saw what Mum was like. Once she took off her jacket that was only showerproof, all her clothes were soaked through underneath. Oh we laughed – well, Dad and I did. Mum was feeling a bit miserable and wet, if I’m being honest.

Me with Dad at Tarn Hows

Then it was March

After the walk we moved on to being March. We went to Wray Castle, and Mum and Dad went round the exhibition inside. That ticked off Mum’s museum for this month but I stayed in the car and had a well-earned nap. Wray Castle is a National Trust property too, so Mum could have ticked that box for the month, but to be on the safe side we went Castlerigg Stone Circle. I skipped that too. The fact that the sheep seemed to have taken over the stone circle seemed a good reason for me to say I’d pass. Mind you, I’d been nose to tail with quite a large cow at Tarn Hows, so a few sheep wouldn’t have bothered me.


We did make one other stop and that was to a shop in Keswick. Mum has now invested in a lightweight waterproof jacket, just in time for us going home. I did ask where mine was, but apparently I’m not supposed to want one. I’ll have to see if the one Shadow had will fit me. I just need to find where Mum put it.



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