There and back – Wednesday 20th March 2024

There and Back

Yesterday was a day for going there and back. Mum had everything planned. She remembered my lunch, her lunch, drinks for us both. We set off on time and arrived in Bedford as planned. Mum had even remembered to ask Dad for the key we needed to collect the furniture. There was just one tiny little problem. It was the wrong key. Mum was starting to feel rising panic. The man with the van was only half an hour away and she couldn’t get into the house. She rang everyone she could think of who might help, but with no luck. Her panic was increasing. That was when she decided to try all the keys on her own keyring just in case one fitted.

Sigh of relief

Mum nearly hadn’t taken her own house keys with her as Dad was at home and she didn’t need to lock up. However, at the last minute she picked them up. As things turned out, it was a very good job she had. The key she needed was on her keyring and in the nick of time everything turned out fine. We helped the man load the furniture and then drove like mad to get home before he got there. Then we helped unload the furniture at that end. When I say ‘helped’ I was watching, but that was tiring enough.

The best part of the day

The best part of the day was being out in the garden when we came home. It really did feel like spring. It was lovely running around the garden like a mad thing, smelling all the smells and saying hello to the sheep. Now we just need it to stay dry for a few days so we can spend more time out there gardening. Mum has promised that we will spend time gardening on Thursday and I’m actually looking forward to it.

What I’m trying not to think about is that I’m having a trial day at the kennels today. It’s just to see what I think, but I must admit I’m feeling a little anxious.



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