Not today – Tuesday 26th March 2024

Not today

Well my scan is not today after all. I had a phone call from the vet yesterday. Apparently the scanner is being serviced today, so they couldn’t use it for my scan. I’ve rearranged for tomorrow. It does mean I have to worry a little longer, but there was one good thing. Mum talked to them to make sure I’ll get a meal when I come round. They couldn’t give her an appointment to pick me up until late in the afternoon and I really would be very hungry by then. They said they worry that dogs might be travel sick after an anaesthetic or that their tummies will be a bit funny, so only give them a little to eat. Mum laughed and said on past experience I could eat a horse – not literally you understand – I do quite like horses.

Busy diary

I’ve got a really busy diary this week. Tonight, seeing as my scan is not today, I’m having a Zoom call to meet some prospective owners and tell them all about our breed and I’m going for a walk with some other people at the weekend. Mum says I have to behave myself and not set out to put them off – as if I would. The people I’m going for a walk with live quite near here, so it would be great if they were to get a puppy. It would give me a new playmate.

More rain

There we were thinking we could really start to make some progress in the garden – well Mum was thinking that, and it’s been raining gain. By the time we get out to cut the grass we haven’t got to yet, what we’re already done will need doing again. I think the only solution is to get our own sheep. I wonder if Mum would go for that idea.



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