Setback – Thursday 25th April 2024


I’ve had a setback with my back problems. I don’t know what I’ve done, but it hurts and I’m feeling a bit down. We went for my fourth laser therapy yesterday. I asked the physio if she could just have a look for me before we did anything else and so she gave me an examination. It’s all to do with the groin area of my back right leg. However, then I went to lie down and screamed. At that point the physio said that before we did any other treatment she wanted to see if my consultant was free to see me. I followed her off down the corridor, leaving Mum waiting behind.

Laser treatment

Unfortunately my consultant was in surgery, so the physio is hoping to arrange for him to ring me. She thinks I need to bring my appointment with him forward.

I still had my laser treatment. We haven’t given up on hoping it is doing some good, but it is not looking promising. I have to have a couple of days of complete rest and wasn’t even allowed to do my physio exercises yesterday.

Building work

On the bright side, the new patio is really starting to look like a patio – at least if you have a good imagination. Mum says she hopes it won’t be too long before the two of us can just sit there quietly resting together. We might have builders working around it, but it would be nice all the same. We both need some recuperation and a sunny terrace strikes me as a very good place to do that. I just need her to bring my ramp so I can get into the comfy chair with her and we’ll be all set – Mum and me, dozing in the sun together. Perfect.



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