Optional extras – Thursday 28th March 2024

Optional extras

When I checked in at the vet yesterday they offered me a whole list o optional extras. Would I like a pedicure while I was under anaesthetic? That one I answered no to. My claws are just fine the way they are, so it wasn’t necessary. Would I like my teeth checked and cleaned? I hesitated. On the one paw, no not really. I hate any parts of me being messed about with. However, on the other paw, it was the best time to do it and I am nearly nine years old, so looking after my teeth is important. I ticked that box.

My legs

The question which they asked which really alarmed me was my wishes about resuscitation if anything happened. That really made me nervous. What were they expecting. I proudly pointed out that as my Mama Susi had lived to 15 ¾ I was rather hoping to be on this earth for a lot more years yet. Whatever would Mum do without me?

Anyway, the main purpose of the visit was for them to scan my back legs. As you know I’m getting a lot of pain at times and limp a bit. I chew the left back knee, but Mum has a suspicion that both of them are causing an issue. The images will have to go away to a specialist to be assessed and I’ll hear back in the next few days.

When I got home

I didn’t sing very much on the way home. Apparently Aunty Megan was the worst for that after having an anaesthetic. I was a little wobbly and quiet but otherwise ok. What I really did need was the chance to have a poo. I felt so much better after that.

There was one piece of good news, apart from my nice clean teeth, and that is that I’ve lost another 1/2kg. I’m getting much closer to my ideal weight, although Mum says I’m still not quite there, which is a shame.



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