Proud of my new bowl – Sunday 21st April 2024

Proud of my new bowl

I’m rather proud of my new bowl. It arrived yesterday and we wasted no time taking it out of the box and putting it in place. I love it. The fact it has my name on is a lovely bonus. Over the last few years I’ve been honoured to use Alfie’s old bowl, but this is so much better for me not having to bend my neck down to eat. Alfie’s bowl will be put away safely, when we finally have the new cupboards to put things in.

A day in the garden

It really was a whole day in the garden yesterday. Because of the building work we can’t get the sit on mower out of the shed. It wouldn’t really matter if we could as the ground is still too wet to use it and Dad would just sink in. As it was a dry day, Mum and I set about cutting as much of the grass as we could with the little mower. It’s electric but we have two sets of batteries, so with breaks it was able to recharge ready for us each time. We have never cut so much grass in one day. Aristotle would be proud of us. He’d also be disappointed about the weeds and the edges, but we will get on to that soon Mum says.

A difficult decision

Mum made a difficult decision this week. She set up a business called Alfie Dog Limited, which is named, obviously, after the great dog himself. Since 2011 it has been a book publisher for lots of different authors and used to have a short story download site as part of it. At one point Mum was publishing the work of over 300 people around the world. Sadly, she says the time has come to close the business. She had already scaled it down and only published for a few authors, but she says she wants to spend more time with her dog. At least I think that was the reason.

It’s sad to think another piece of Alfie’s legacy will come to an end, but he’ll never be forgotten.



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