The grass is cut – Monday 22nd April 2024

The grass is cut

For the first time since last autumn the grass is cut – all of it, including the orchard. I helped by eating what I could find and being sick overnight, as you do. What was amazing was just how much running water there is coming down the garden from the spring. Even Mum’s little mower was sinking into the soft wet ground. I found a perfect opportunity for getting muddy, which suited me more than it did Mum.

Making progress with my exercises

I’m still being a good girl and doing all my exercises exactly as I’m supposed to. Mum says after a week, there doesn’t seem to be any improvement in how I’m standing, but she does think I’ve gained better movement in my neck. That’s a start anyway.

This week, my laser therapy is on Wednesday and Friday, so I get a few days off first. I just hope this Wednesday is quieter than when we went last week.

Next stages of gardening

Mum says we have to get all of Aristotle’s herb beds weeded and looking nice. Our garden seems to have spent the wet warm winter trying to return to its natural state of being a field. It is going to take a lot of work to convince it that we really want it to be a garden. On the bright side that will mean Mum spending lots of time outside with me.

Dad planted the first lot of seed potatoes yesterday and Mum says we need to get on with the other veg, but I think we’re doing the herbs first. I’ve got to go through the seeds that Ari ordered last year to see what we’re supposed to be planting for the veg. He really did think he’d be here to do it himself, which makes me kind of sad again.



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