MRI Scan – Friday 26th April 2024

MRI Scan

I’m having an MRI scan. Well, it is the most likely outcome, but not completely definite. My consultant rang me yesterday to say I should go to see him as a matter of urgency. He arranged that an appointment could be booked for me, even though his diary was full. I have to be there at 8.30am on Monday morning, so it will be an early start. He said that depending on my examination I will probably have an MRI scan on the day. At least that doesn’t give me too long to worry about it.

I’m still going for my next laser therapy today, in the hope it could yet do some good.

Mother daughter time

Dad has to work away next week. Mum says as both she and I are having lots of medical visits and aren’t really ourselves, we’ll make it a mother daughter week and spend all our time together. I’ll look after her and she’ll look after me. The weather forecast isn’t too bad so we might just sit outside together. At least our garden is big enough to find a corner away from the building work.

By the end of next week, Mum says we might even be able to sit on the new patio. It would all be happening much faster if the deliveries of bricks arrived when we were expecting them. I’ve offered to help, but to be honest I’m not likely to get the mortar in the right place and I’m happier playing in the sand.

Planning ahead

I did talk to the builders yesterday about wanting the whole of my garden back. I’ve invited some of my friends round in June as it’s our Club’s 15th birthday. I’m rather hoping by then that we’ll all be able to run around safely without having to avoid building materials. Mum says I may be being optimistic.



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