This is so annoying – Tuesday 18th April 2023

This is so annoying

Well this is so annoying. Here I am trying to recover from scratching my eye and now I’ve added a burst cyst to the list of problems. All things considered I’m in relatively good spirits, but it really is a bit much. Mum says as things have turned out it’s a good job we’d already cancelled our Cornish trip for next week. The funny thing is that Aristotle seems to be recovering remarkably well and probably won’t be the reason we couldn’t have gone.

He had his first check up yesterday and the nurse was very pleased with him. If I’m honest, I think the nurse has slightly fallen in love with him as he’s been so good and he’s making the most of it.

Back to basics

I’ll be honest, I am not coping all that well mentally with this lengthy illness process. Mum and I have talked about it and we are going to put a plan in place. First of all I need to be fully fit. Then she has agreed we will go back to basics as we did when I was a puppy. I think she understands quite well as she has been very similar problems as a result of all the avoiding covid.

Our plan is to help each other and Dad is going to help us both. Mum has put together something called an Avoidance Hierarchy for herself and I’m going to do one too. Then we can work our way up our lists until we’re both really happy with the world again. What really made me realise I had an issue was growling at the emergency vet on Sunday. I have never growled at anyone in my life before and Mum’s right that it’s not a good idea to start now.

Before all of that I need to get to the point of being cone free or at least be able to be trusted without it for short periods. I guess that one is entirely down to me!