Progress – Friday 7th June 2024


We’re making progress and things are getting exciting. Our garden room is very nearly finished. That will mean we can start moving some things into it very soon. I can’t wait. My room has a little more work to do as the units still need to be put up, but I think that may happen next week. We just have the problem that the bricks to finish the wall around the patio seem to be out of stock. I don’t know when that will be sorted, but it is a bit of a problem.

I have just one very small concern for this weekend. Mum saw some doorstops she liked for the French doors. You would think it was good that she has found some, and it is, that’s not the problem. My concern is that Mum has decided that she could make some similar ones herself, from the spare wood that is lying around.


Given that my bed isn’t finished because Mum broke her sewing machine. The painting she was doing isn’t finished – well I’m not sure why that is. The gardening is never finished. Now she’s starting on the wood. She’s going to need help even lifting it out to put it so she can cut it. Dad doesn’t think the saw she bought is big enough to get through the size of wood she wants to use. None of that is stopping Mum. As you can imagine, I shall be staying safely out of the way.

I’m rather hoping if the weather is good that Mum might put the cushions on my favourite garden chair for me. I can sit comfortably and watch what she’s doing from there. The chair will be moving to the patio but it can’t do that just yet.



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