Not good to eat compost – Sunday 12th February 2023

Not good to eat compost

It turns out that it is not good to eat compost. It may not have been the compost of course, but something has given me an upset stomach. I have dug one or two things up to eat recently as well. So it’s hard to pin down the cause. Mum said I should stop trying to eat the garden, but then what’s the point in all the effort I put in? I had to leave Mum to it and put my paws up. I was feeling a little queasy and in need of rest.

Instead, I gave Mum a list of work to do when I came in. I’m sorry to say she didn’t complete it all. I’ll have to send her out again today to carry on. I might lend a paw, but it might be necessary to have another day resting just to be sure I’m all right.

Counting down

Wilma is counting down the hours until she can be free of crate rest. I don’t know which of them is more excited, Wilma or Mum. They really are joined at the hip so much normally that I was almost expecting Mum to get in the crate with Wilma. Her appointment at the vet is at 12.15 tomorrow. Mum says that after that they will come home for lunch and then go for a gentle walk straight afterwards. Wilma has asked to go to the racecourse as then if she’s feeling sore she can tell Mum and they can cut across the middle of the course to come home and not walk so far.

They can’t go out for too long as it’s my swimming day too and I missed the last one due to a mix up. Swimming is doing me so much good. Not only can I stand on my hind legs again but I can turn around in the car crate because I’m more supple. I will of course object to going on principle, but it really is good exercise for me.

Love Aristotle

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