The singing has subsided – Saturday 6th May 2023

The singing has subsided

I’m pleased to say that the singing has subsided and Wilma at least seems a little more settled. She can also open her eye more easily, which is definitely good. It’s much too early to guess if it’s healing ok, but the fact she is a little more comfortable is enough for us to be going on with. It’s going to be a quiet weekend at home for us so she can have care as and when she needs it.

We had been planning to go to where we used to live in Yorkshire. It’s the second time we’ve planned to go back and had something intervene to change our plans. Maybe it will be third time lucky on that front.


I’m getting quietly excited about the sunflowers this year. I have a whole tray of them which have germinated in the greenhouse. I also planted two rows straight into the garden and it’s looking as though they have all come through. Mum says we’ll be all right until the slugs move in on them, but I do hope she’s wrong. It would be amazing to have a whole row of smiling faces to enjoy when I’m outside.

Willow hedge

Remarkably my willow hedge is already growing enough that I’m going to have to think about training it. Mum says she hopes it’s easier to train than I am but I don’t think she really meant it. The rate willow grows we should be able to fill the gap in the hedge in no time. I think the problem will then be stopping it from taking over. Given that it can grow two metres a year, we may yet regret planting this. Ah well, hedge cutting is Mum’s department. I’m not allowed to use power tools – mind you, neither is Dad.