In recovery – Friday 5th May 2023

In recovery

Wilma is in recovery. The poor thing has a pretty wretched day yesterday. Her operation was quite early in the morning, so Mum was able to collect her before lunch. Wilma sang all the way home from the anaesthetic. They seem to affect her like that. Mum said it was the same with Wilma’s aunty Megan but not with any of the rest of us. Anyway, to say Wilma was feeling miserable would be a massive understatement. She can’t have her cone off at all, not one bit, not for anything. Her eye must be protected at all times.

Sore and uncomfortable

Wilma says she feels sore and uncomfortable and doesn’t really know what to do with herself. Mum has got some drops which will take the pain away but they will also hinder the healing process so Wilma says she only wants to take them as a last resort.

At the moment her eye is much more uncomfortable than it was after her other operation on it, but she’s trying to bear it all as best she can.

Change of plans

We were supposed to be going away this weekend. We were all looking forward to it. Sadly, although Wilma said she’d try if we really wanted to still go, she really isn’t up to it. Mum and Dad decided that putting Wilma first was more important, so we’re all staying here where Mum can care for Wilma all weekend.

It will be at least a week before Wilma is back on her paws, but hopefully after that she can get back to being her old self again.

On the bright side, it may mean we can catch up on some gardening, so it’s not all bad.