Wilma is indisposed – Monday 17th April 2023

Wilma is indisposed

I’m sorry to say that at the moment Wilma is indisposed and I’m the fitter of the two of us. It comes to something when only a few days post-op I’m by far fitter than poor Wilma. Firstly, thank you all for your good wishes. I’m healing really well and as long as I remember not to try removing my own stitches this time, Mum says she sees no reason why I can’t be out and about within another week. I’ve switched to one of the soft collars from the cupboard. On the downside I can’t see out of it, but on the upside it is very easy for Mum to take off for me to go outside. She’s using a ‘show lead’ to take me out so that she can make me keep my nose off the ground.

Wilma cannot catch a break

Poor Wilma just cannot catch a break. It’s only a few weeks since her operation to have a soft tissue sarcoma removed and that, on the whole she has recovered from very well. She has one small patch that is sore, but nothing to worry about.

Then as you know she scratched her eye and has ended up with quite a bad ulcer on her eye that has needed some abrasion of the eye surface to help it to heal properly. It is taking a long time and Mum is still not really clear if things are entirely going the right way.

Wilma has, or should I say ‘had’, another lump on her shoulder. It was tested a while ago and confirmed as a cyst. That had grown recently and the vet did last week suggest that if she has to have an eye operation she could have it removed at the same time. Mum didn’t think too much about it as she was focussing on trying to get the eye healed without an operation.

Emergency vet

Then yesterday things went a bit wrong. Mum took Wilma out first thing and all was well. Then a couple of hours later she took Wilma out for a long walk around the garden, but in the intervening time the cyst on Wilma’s shoulder had burst. It was not very pretty at all. I did not know that what would come out of a cyst would be quite as unpleasant as that!

First off, Mum took Wilma to the bathroom and called Dad to help. Dad held her while Mum began to clean Wilma’s shoulder up to see just how bad things were. Then she called the emergency vet! Why do these things always happen on a Sunday?

To cut a long story short, the vet did a great job of cleaning the wound out and removing all the rest of the debris. The wound is to stay open so it can get air and Mum is to ensure it stays clean, washing it with saline if necessary. Wilma is on antibiotics and we are now all crossing our paws it will heal up ok and not need surgery.

In the meantime, Wilma is one very unhappy little dog and we are all trying to make her feel better.



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