Aristotle is doing well – Sunday 16th April 2023

Aristotle is doing well

I’m pleased to say that Aristotle is doing well. Unlike me, he can be trusted to have his cone taken off and go outside with Mum on his lead without it. He says that makes the world of different to him and to his bowels as well! Everything there is back to normal.

The vet has done such a neat job of removing the lump on his nose that once it’s healed it won’t even spoil his suave good looks. Both his nose and leg look as though they are healing nicely. At this rate he’ll be cone free and back to normal long before I am.

The carrots are in

Ari only supervised the gardening for a short while. It was more that he went out to make sure Mum had done what he’d asked. She has planted four rows of carrots for him and he’s declared himself satisfied. Meanwhile, Dad planted the two cherry trees and the elderberry that arrived on Friday. Now Aristotle has asked if Mum can plant the broccoli seeds for him so he doesn’t fall behind schedule.

Jigsaws are dangerous

You wouldn’t think it, but jigsaws are dangerous. Mum and Dad have started doing some jigsaws in the evening. They are both aching more from the jigsaws than they are from gardening. It turns out that standing leaning over a table for several hours isn’t actually good for you. Perhaps they should be doing some special exercises to make them jigsaw fit.

The worrying thing is that for the second jigsaw running there is a piece missing. A national enquiry is underway as to where the missing piece can be, especially as this last one was a brand new jigsaw unopened in the box. Given we are both in cones of shame and not able to get to the jigsaw we cannot be held responsible.



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