Differing views of sticks – Sunday 15th January 2023

Differing views of sticks

My sister Valeria and I have differing views of sticks. Valeria is happy to find a stick and run about with it or chew it all on her own. I don’t get that. A stick is about a game. I like to chase. I’m really interested in a stick if I think Valeria will chase me for it, or if we can share it together. I love running after other dogs and having other dogs run after me. Oh I chased my sister. Everywhere she ran, I ran after her. She wasn’t interested in the game at all. She was happy just to run and play herself. It was great to see her but I don’t think I understand her all that well.

Me with my sister Valeria and Mum and Dad too

Glorious day

Despite Mum and Dad having lots to do around the house, yesterday was overall a glorious day. In the morning Valeria and I had a good run. Then in the afternoon I went for a lakeside walk with Mum and Dad. In between I had a good nap and felt I’d earned it. I didn’t see my Mama but Valeria says she’s a lot better than she was at Christmas which really is good news.

The good news is that I can do some of it again today. Life is good.

Feeling maternal

I had one of those moments of feeling maternal on our walk yesterday afternoon. We met a very sweet Beagle puppy and stopped for a chat. All of a sudden, out of nowhere I had to urge to behave in the sorts of ways that Shadow used to. I checked her ears were clean and asked if she was looking after herself properly. I have never done that sort of thing before. It’s a worrying trend. Mum said that maybe I’m grown up enough to have a puppy of my own to look after. Dad doesn’t seem so keen on that idea.