First name terms – Friday 21st April 2023

First name terms

To say I’m on first name terms with our vets would be an understatement. Some of them I get on better with than others. I’m pleased to say that Emily and I get on very well. That’s a good job really as I’m in such a bad mood these days when I go to the vet. At least I don’t growl at her, but she did see the wisdom to take me through to the back to check my eye without Mum there as I tend to behave a little better then.

My eye has not completely healed yet. It is healing, but very slowly. I want to howl. What it all means is that I have yet another week of crate rest and cone, eye drops four times a day and being good. I am going to be so fat. Emily says that if it hasn’t made a significant improvement by next week then I will be best to have it operated on – for all our sanity.

Better news

There is better news on my cyst which is healing as expected. I have been given an extension to my antibiotics to be on the same side and Mum is to continue bathing it with salt water. Those parts of my treatment aren’t really hardships, so I can cope with that.

I’m building up to the best news of all and that is Aristotle’s results. Neither lump was cancerous. They were different things that could have gone on to cause a greater problem if not removed, but having been removed he should be just fine. The one on his leg was a fibroma and the one on his nose was an overgrowth of sebaceous tissue – whatever that is! He has a final check up on Monday and all being well will be signed off – which just leaves me!



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  1. We are crossing our paws too for you, dear Wilma & Ari, and are pleased to hear about some good medical news for both of you! I agree that when pets and vets are on the same page, it makes things an awful lot easier! I wish my cats understood that because with us every single trip to the vet’s is… an obstacle course!

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