My turn again – Thursday 20th April 2023

My turn again

It’s my turn again for a vet check up. This is about my eye. Mum and I have been trying very hard so we really are hoping for some good news. We are both going rapidly bonkers with the eye drops four times a day. It has been nearly four weeks now and there is only so much I can take. At least my cyst wound seems to be healing up as expected. I’m still on antibiotics and Mum is bathing it with salt water twice a day. I’ve got my paws crossed.

Fox poo

Ari had a reminder about the hazards of eating fox poo. He had to call Mum in the night to come and take him out to have an upset stomach. You can imagine, on top of everything else, how happy Mum was about it. She did stop him eating it when she realised as she walked him around the garden in the morning, but not in time to prevent the problem occurring. He’s at that ‘I’m never going to eat fox poo again’ stage – until the next time!

Keep ourselves amused

Mum helped Ari plant the last of his tomato seeds yesterday. These are for cherry tomatoes. He knows they are the ones that Granny likes, so he’s hoping to have some to take to her. He left Mum to it when it came to the grass cutting. He’s recovering well but he’s not up to running up and down behind the mower yet.

I’ve been keeping myself amused while I’m laid up by working on some of the things that needed doing to the blog. I’m moving a lot of the old material to a separate area. It will all still be there, but will be separate from the current pages. The problem is that between us, we’ve written the blog now for over seventeen years. That’s over six thousand days of diary entries. I’ve moved three years so far and am onto the fourth.



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