My Walk Was Postponed – Tuesday 8th August 2023

My walk was postponed

My walk was postponed yesterday. There I was all set to go to meet one of my friends and Mum told me she’d had to cancel because of not feeling well. I said I could go without her, but she still won’t trust me with the car, which is a shame. This is where driverless cars will be helpful. The brighter of us dogs will be able to head off to appointments without our humans. You can see it now – one of you humans will be all set to go out, only to find that your beloved dog has taken the car out without permission. I suppose at least your dog can probably be trusted, it may be your children you need to worry about most. Especially when you come to think about how much better with technology they tend to be than the older generations.

At a loose end

Anyway, it left me and Ari at a bit of a loose end yesterday. Dad has gone away for work, so there was no one else around to entertain us and Mum was no fun at all. Ari wasn’t so bad as he’s resting quite a bit at the moment himself. He says he doesn’t want to do too much until after his appointment on Thursday. I pointed out that he never wants to do very much, which he conceded was a fair point.


On the bright side, the fallen apples are tasting a lot better now. Some of the eating apples are quite tasty. I spent quite a lot of the day seeing which were the tastiest. I have a preferred order of eating them and always start with the sweetest at the start of the day and if none of those have fallen since yesterday I move on to my next favourite. Mum can totally map where the sweetest apples are by where I spend most time.



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