Potatoes – Monday 7th August 2023


We were starting to think that Aristotle’s potatoes hadn’t gone according to plan. Then Dad decided he wanted some with his lunch yesterday. Ari worked his way quite a long way down the first planter before finding any at all. Then this is what he found.

It did get better after that and once Ari had brought in some broccoli and carrots to go with them, it didn’t look so bad and he was quite a proud dog. I presume that won’t have been his whole potato crop, because if it is it would have been a lot of work not for not much return.

Quiet day

Yesterday turned out to be quite a quiet day. Mum wasn’t well and it rained every time we went outside, so it was a mooching about sort of day in the end. Aris is very unsettled at the moment, which got on everyone’s nerves. I was supposed to be going for a lovely walk today but Mum has asked to rearrange it as she’s still under the weather. I’ll do my duties as nurse dog instead and we’ll have some lovely time cuddled up on the sofa. It’s my second favourite thing after going for a nice walk, so it’s not so bad.


One thing Mum did yesterday was remove all the mushrooms from the garden. She suspects that most of them were edible, but in amongst the ones that probably were, were some that were almost certainly not. A lot seemed to be field mushrooms, but some were quite similar but were yellow staining mushrooms which are poisonous. There were others that Mum couldn’t find out what they were, but she decided that if she got rid of them all then no one would get hurt. It’s probably a wise decision and while she was doing that at least she was leaving the apples alone.



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