Sheep wanted – Saturday 12th August 2023

Sheep wanted

I think we need to place a ‘sheep wanted’ notice. I don’t mean in the sense that it’s a ‘wanted’ poster and the sheep have done anything wrong. What I mean is that Mum has got behind with mowing the grass and it really has got very long indeed. It’s so bad that she has told Dad he’s allowed to get the sit on mower out and do the whole lawn with it. She doesn’t say that very often as it doesn’t cut it as nicely as the one Mum walks behind, but unless he cuts it first the little mower doesn’t stand a hope.

It’s a shame as we walk up and down with her when she uses the little mower, but she doesn’t let us anywhere near when Dad is on the tractor mower as Ari doesn’t remember to get out of the way. He assumes Dad will avoid him and Dad assumes Ari will move – not a great combination.

Sheep would be fun

If we could have some sheep then maybe we could all have some time outside together. I’m sure if we got to know them we could all be friends. Mum says there is one big problem with my plan. Apparently the sheep would eat things other than the grass and might have some of the flowers. Worse still, they might like apples. When Mum said that I really did start to think she might have a point. I had been going to point out that Dad sometimes mows over the plants, but Mum convinced me with the apple argument.

Office decorating

I don’t like to suggest Mum is quick at getting around to jobs, but it’s only two years since she bought the paint for the office and she’s finally sorting out to do the decorating. To be fair it’s not that simple as it needed some plastering doing, which in the end Mum decided to do herself. Now it needs new skirting boards where they are missing and new flooring. She doesn’t know anything about how to do those, so needs to find people to help. It could still be a while before we’re finished.

When it’s done there will be more space for me and Ari as she’s rearranging things to increase floor space. We’re already arguing about where we want the bed and whether we’re prepared to share or not.



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