Good news for Ari – Friday 11th August 2023

Good news for Ari

Yesterday was all about good news for Ari. He was a very good boy going with Mum for his scan. First he talked to the vet so that he was clear about exactly what the vet was going to do. Then Mum went back to the waiting room while Ari went through for his scan.

He was gone about half an hour, which gave Mum time to get to know a waiting Spaniel to help her not to worry too much. Normally, I’d think she was being disloyal, but I’ll forgive her on this occasion.

No change

There is no change to the various marks Ari has on his internal organs. They haven’t gone away, but they haven’t got worse. His liver is still enlarged, but the tests before showed whatever was going on to be benign and there is no reason to think it has changed. That meant the main concerns was his heart. Obviously with his heart murmur going to borderline of the top level we were seriously worried there was a big problem. The good news is that as far as the vet can tell his heart might have a leaky valve, but there is no sign of congestive heart failure. It doesn’t mean that can’t change, but for now he’s doing just fine.

Normal exercise

Even Ari laughed when the vet said he could continue with normal levels of exercise. He’s so lazy that you’d hardly notice the difference. It does mean he can go back to swimming, although will be moving to using a treadmill instead of a pool. That means he can’t cheat and not use his back legs. It’s also safer if he does have a heart problem, so more suitable for him all round now.

What we don’t know is why he is panting so much and drinking more – although those go together of course. Mum thinks it may be to do with his leg hurting, but for now we’re just going to see how he goes.



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  1. Hi Ari, we are all very pleased that your
    trip to the Vet went well, now you can get on with your gardening again. Its a bit of a mad house here. It is Dad’s birthday tomorrow so all the family are coming on Sunday. I am looking forward to seeing everyone especially James ( Marks son ). He is one of my favourite people in the whole world. Love to you all Dottie XXX

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