The cause of Aristotle’s pain – Sunday 13th August 2023

The cause of Aristotle’s pain

At last we know the cause of Aristotle’s pain. This is not for the squeamish, so if you’re having breakfast you might want to read this later. I promise I haven’t included pictures.

Yesterday morning when Mum took Aristotle out after breakfast she realised that his bottom was bleeding. Poor old Ari had an abscess either in his anal gland or in his rectum and it had burst. Of course Mum took him to the vet as soon as he could be seen. By then it was completely clear but very swollen and inflamed. Being Ari, he was a very good boy at the vet and stood patiently while he was examined, even though he flinched when it really hurt.

Sitting down

At the moment sitting down is very uncomfortable for him. He’s on antibiotics and two lots of painkillers. He has to go back to see the vet on Friday and if it isn’t clearing up he might have to have more investigation and it having antibiotic put direct into the site of the infection. Normally that would be done under anaesthetic, but because of his heart murmur being so bad, that would not be a good idea. The vet says that as he was so good being handled they could probably try to do it without sedation, which Ari said he was more than happy to try if it was needed.  

Cheering him up

We all spent some time outside in the garden afterwards to cheer him up. He thought his broccoli was a complete fail and he was a bit down about it. He couldn’t believe it when Mum went to help him take some of the netting down. In the last few days it has changed completely and the caterpillars haven’t won. He helped Mum to bring in some broccoli for today’s lunch and then some of the summer squash and potatoes too. He was quite excited by the end of all that, even if he still couldn’t sit down.



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