Hazelnuts – Wednesday 30th August 2023


All over our grass in one part of the garden are the husks from hazelnuts but I can’t claim responsibility. I haven’t got anywhere near trying even one of them. Mum has been watching the squirrel nut by nut stripping the tree bare and leaving us with the bits that squirrel can’t eat. Mum is very happy about it but without any thought to the fact I’d quite like to try hazelnuts. I should be grateful that the squirrel doesn’t like my apples.

Room for ducks

The pond is already looking much better. I’ll show you a photo when the work has been finished, but there is already room for the ducks to swim if they want to come back. Their little house is no longer stuck among all the reeds but is back to floating in the middle, just where it’s supposed to be. Do you think if we got one of those duck whistles we could call them so they knew to drop in?

Dog showing

Tomorrow was supposed to be a step on me restarting my dog showing career. I’m all booked in to the City of Birmingham dog show but sadly, I won’t be going. I told you before that Mum messed up on dates and isn’t free. Well yesterday she tried to work out what time I’d be in the ring if I did go. Her only conclusion was that none of the information issued is designed for novices. If you don’t know the answers to all the questions already, you don’t have a hope of working any of it out from what is published. It’s a shame really, as that isn’t the way to encourage anyone new to give it a try.

I will now wait for a show in December and Mum has said we both need to work on getting fit in the meantime.



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