Moving out – Thursday 31st August 2023

Moving out

We’re moving out – of the office, not anywhere else. Dogs do not like change. We like to know what is happening and what to expect. Ideally we like our meals at the same time, from the same bowl, fed in the same place. We want to go for walks at the same times, and the same goes for going to bed. To say we are creatures of habit is putting it mildly. Of the two of us, I cope with change better than Aristotle. That may in part be down to age, but it may be character too. We are only on stage one of the work to the house and we’re already confused.

The story so far

We’ve had the lovely pond people here sorting out the pond. That has gone very well and there is now a pond just crying out for the ducks to come for a swim. Ari has promised to take some photos just as soon as it has been topped up with water and is looking its best.

Except for the skirting boards, and other woodwork, Mum has finished decorating the office. Most of the furniture, including our bed, had to move out for that to happen. Now there is just Mum’s desk. Sitting on a carpet that stops short of the wall in several directions – all of them if we are being strictly accurate.

Next week

Next week, the new flooring is being fitted so we need to work in the hall instead. That is to say, the desk and everything on it will be in the hall. It’s going to be pretty difficult to fit us all in too, but that’s where we’ll be. Ari says it will be easier to bark at the post lady as he’ll be on paw to see when she’s coming, but apart from that he’s feeling very confused. It’s only for a few days and then we move back again, but that is only the beginning of the work and Ari and I have already had enough. He’s showing it by barking randomly. I at least am being a little less vocal.



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