Aristotle is worried – Wednesday 5th July 2023

Aristotle is worried

Aristotle is worried about his garden. Mum has talked about some of the plans for alterations, but he’s only just understood. Unfortunately for them to happen some of his garden will have to be dug up. He doesn’t mind where it only affects areas that he doesn’t really use. However he’s very worried about how they are going to work and not do any damage to things he’s planted. Mum has tried to reassure him that the bits being dug up are not his gardens. I don’t think he’s completely convinced. Mum did confess to me that she’s a bit concerned too, but asked me not to mention that to Ari. I think she’s also worried about how we are going to behave around the people working and she may have a point!


I think Ari was already feeling a bit sensitive as one of his roses isn’t doing very well. It wasn’t so much it not doing well that was the problem, it was Mum saying it would have to come out to make way for the work. He threw his tools down at that point and said what was the point in him trying to make the garden look nice if parts of it were just going to be dug up? I pointed out that we eat some of what he grows and he doesn’t mind doing that, but he said that was different.

He was somewhat consoled when Mum promised to try to take all his favourite plants out carefully and try to save them for replanting.


When Mum came in from the garden yesterday it was a bit alarming. She was working at her keyboard and realised a caterpillar had fallen out of her hair onto the letter V. If you add to that the fact she seems to have greenfly, I think we may need to spray her with something, I’m just not entirely sure what.



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