A very unexpected day – Sunday 10th September 2023

A very unexpected day

Yesterday was a very unexpected day indeed. We were about to set off for Devon. We were quite literally just picking up our things to go out, when the phone rang. Now, when Shadow had puppies years ago as each one left for their new home, Mum would whisper in its ear, ‘If you ever need me, call me and I’ll be there.’ She always hopes they will be happy their whole life long and they will never need to make that call. Yesterday, Rafa made that call. His humans have moved abroad and he couldn’t go, so we’d helped him find another home. Sadly, it didn’t work out and poor Rafa was confused and miserable and needed our help.

Action stations

Well everyone rallied round immediately. We had to cancel going to see all my friends and pack to leave our holiday. Yet again we have been thwarted in going to the beach, but it wasn’t as important as Rafa. Dad took all Mum’s luggage to make space in Mum’s car and I went with Mum to keep her company. It took us three hours to drive up to London. At the hottest it said it was 34 degrees outside so we were glad of the air conditioning.

When we met Rafa I went up to say hello and he snapped at me, which wasn’t a good start. He was hot and tired and very confused and he’s said sorry since.

Getting home

Now we’re home and trying to show him where everything is, but he is really feeling very out of sorts and says he misses his humans and his old life very much. I’ve even offered to share my apples with him, but he’s not interested.

So my holiday has come to an end early and we’re all trying to work out where we go from here.



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  1. Oh poor Rafa. How sad that his humans have had to leave him behind. I’m sure that they are as sad as he is.

    I hope that he can settle in with you and Ari. Although with the alterations starting soon he has not arrived at the best time. A big hug to everyone ?

  2. Thank you. We’re trying to keep everything quiet and calm at the moment. We will worry about madness later.
    Love Wilma

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