Where am I sleeping? – Thursday 9th November 2023

Where am I sleeping?

What I want to know is where am I sleeping? I had taken up residence on a rather comfortable settee while we’re all displaced from our normal locations. I rather liked the position. It was near to Mum, had an overall view of what was going on and was very comfortable. Yesterday the settee was moved. Oh, it was far worse than that. It was moved to a location where it is now on its side with things piled on top of it. It is no longer serving as a settee and is therefore no longer my bed. Apparently the window it was under is about to be bricked up and Mum didn’t want it to be either in the way or covered in building mess.

I’m flexible

I’m a flexible sort of a dog. Thankfully, unlike Ari I’m not set in my ways. However I am starting to get a little peeved. One of my most comfy beds went into storage. One is upside down protecting a wooden chest. Now the settee I’d selected is unavailable. A girl could start to get a complex. To be fair, Mum is feeling a little displaced as well, so we are in this together, but I don’t feel like being reasonable about it. I just want a nice comfy spot where I won’t be disturbed.

Rotten fence

Whilst cutting the hedge Ari found a rotten fence. It’s not actually ours, which is the good news, but Mum is concerned that we don’t decide to use the opportunity to visit our neighbours’ garden. They are going to sort it out next week, so Mum is restricting what we can do until then. I guess it’s for the best. Mum has some other fencing work to do, so I think she will try to do that at the same time so it’s all out of the way.



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