Race Meeting – Wednesday 8th November 2023

Race Meeting

Yesterday and today there is a race meeting at the racecourse I go to walk, so I can’t go there. We went on Monday and had a lovely time. For one thing I saw my boyfriend, which always puts me in a good mood. Secondly Mum and I were able to talk through a writing problem she was trying to sort and I was able to help come up with some suggestions. By the end of the walk we were both very happy and very pleased with each other. It was good to get away the drilling for a while too. It’s amazing how quickly everything seems to be happening on our building work. It’s really quite exciting. The builders are still telling us it would be better for us to move out for a while, but I don’t think that’s going to be happening.

Aristotle is happy

Aristotle is happy at the moment too. He’s back to eating apples as his tummy is completely ok again. Mum has asked him to promise to leave the rotten ones alone, but he just shrugged. I think Mum is going to have another go at raking up any fallen apples if it’s dry later so that the ones he can eat are freshly fallen. I’m still not being allowed to eat them. Mum says I’m starting to look a little slimmer and she wants that to continue. It’s a shame that I keep finding her eating cakes and can’t say the same to her.

Stewed apple

Dad has been working very hard each evening preparing stewed apple and freezing it. By the time he’s finished we’ll have a whole year’s supply in the freezer. We’re always on paw offering to help, but strangely he seems to manage quite well without us. If we’re lucky there is a bit of rind here and there, but nothing much. Mum is so much clumsier when she’s cooking. Dad is far too careful for our liking.



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