Christmas Lights – Sunday 19th November 2023

Christmas lights

It’s Christmas lights time of year. I very nearly found myself at the switch on of the Christmas lights in Stratford yesterday. Oh how I asked to go. I could smell the hot dog stalls. We went for a walk along the river and parked in a car park in Stratford itself. The walk was lovely, although the river was very full and looked a horrible muddy brown colour. Mum and Dad planned to go to a shop after the walk and hadn’t realised it was all going to be so busy. I’m now cross with myself for saying I’d rather sit in the car and wait for them. I could have been begging for hot pork and all sorts of things if the smells were anything to go by.

Mum wasn’t too happy all the crowds she had to walk through to get to the shop she wanted, but she did it and was quite pleased with herself afterwards.

Our Christmas lights

It has made Mum think about our own Christmas lights. Fortunately there are still 300 lights up from last year that she didn’t get around to taking down. She doesn’t think she will put very many of our outside lights up this year as they will be in the way of what is going on. We might put all the battery operated ones up, that might work. She says we can have a look at them all next weekend as Dad will be away and it will just be the three of us.

Mooching about

Other than the lovely walk, yesterday was mainly about mooching about. Mum said the garden was much too wet to do very much out there, much to Ari’s annoyance. He’s hoping it might stay dry today.

We did help moving a whole load of stuff around so it would be out of the way of this week’s building work. It’s amazing how much exercise you can get just carrying loads around the house. We didn’t get as far as moving the lemons in the end, so that is planned for today.



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