Autumn Walks – Saturday 18th November 2023

Autumn Walks

I think autumn walks are the best. At least the ones on the sunny autumn days when all the leaves are changing colour and they are plenty on the floor to kick, but still some on the trees. Yesterday was that perfect mix of sunshine and dampness to give the best of all worlds. There’s still enough mud to squelch through, but it’s not so bad as to suck you down. The grass is soft underpaw but still ok so you don’t churn it up. Better still Dad came out for our walk too, so I was a very happy dog. Oh and I saw my boyfriend, which just rounded things off nicely. Now we get a whole two days with no builders and Mum and Dad around to pander to our every whim.

Other good things

Ari was happy yesterday too as the big digger machine has gone and there will now be less equipment around to churn up and ruin his garden. I told him not to get too excited yet as from what Mum has said it will be another couple of weeks before things really start to settle down in the garden.

There are some posts being put in for some decking at the moment. That will be the first bit to be completed and I think it will make Ari much happier when that is all in place. I’ll let him tell you about it when he’s ready.

Plans for the weekend

Aristotle has asked Dad to cut some lengths of wood for him to repair his vegetable trough. Dad is much safer with the saw than Mum, so Ari thought it was wise to ask him. There is also a far better chance that the pieces of wood will be the right length if Dad does it!

I’m just planning some more nice walks. If the weather is good, I want to go down by the river in Stratford and have a kick amongst the leaves along the river bank.



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