Ari’s last words – Saturday 16th December 2023

Ari’s last words

Ari’s last words to me on Wednesday were ’Look after my lemon trees and look after my garden’. I don’t suppose I should be surprised. He knew I’d be taking care of Mum and Dad, but what do I know about gardening? It’s a huge responsibility and one that I just don’t know if I can fulfil. For a start, I went to check on the lemon trees and they’re losing an awful lot of leaves. I have no idea if that’s normal. Perhaps if I’d paid more attention last year I’d be better able to deal with the task.

As for gardening, it’s always seemed too much like hard work to me, especially when someone else was willing to do it. Then of course there’s the problem that by the time the builders have finished there is going to be an awful lot of work to do to get it straight.

Herb garden

We took some of his herbs in to the vet with us to be cremated with him. It was actually some rosemary, which is not only Mum’s name, but is also for remembrance. It felt very appropriate and we thought he’d have liked it.

Mum has suggested I should start with the herb garden and could spend the winter months reading about the different plants and what they are used for. She says that there will be a whole new herb garden to plant once the new patio is done. I need to put in plants that keep flies and wasps away naturally. How am I going to find out what to use? I’m not the sort of girl who spends all day reading things. I prefer to be out doing.

Very strange

I should thank you all, which of course I do, for all your lovely messages. Our whole house seems very strange at the moment and none of us quite knows where we are. I keep expecting to see him lying in one of his usual spots. There’s no one on guard duty by the front door now. No one to get nose marks on the window after pushing the curtain aside. I’d do it myself, but it just makes me think of him and feel sad.

I guess it will get better in time, but it’s going to take a while.



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