Only dog – Sunday 17th December 2023

Only dog

It is very strange being an only dog for the first time in my life. I know I’ve had holidays where I have been the only one to go with Mum and Dad, but that is very different from waking up every morning and not having any other dog companions for the day. Mum says she is finding it very strange too. It is over fourteen years since they have only had one dog in the house. Alfie was an only dog for three years before Shadow arrived. In those days they all lived in Belgium and life was quite different to how it is today.

The upsides

I’m trying to focus on the upsides. Mum says as we don’t have to always be on hand for Ari’s tablet and meal times it will mean we can be more flexible on what we can do. Especially in winter when I can always wait in the car, I can go out with Mum whenever she goes anywhere. We’re going to plan some of my walks around other things Mum has to do so we can go to more new places.

Me with Dad at Charlecote yesterday

Of course it means I will have endless cuddles, but to be fair I could always have a cuddle if I asked for one before, so that’s not really a change.

The downsides

I do need time with other dogs. Much as I love Mum and Dad, I do like the company of dogs too. There are of course always going to be dogs I see on our regular walks, but they change from day to day and I don’t get to know them. I bump into my boyfriend quite often as we both often walk around the racecourse at the same time in the opposite direction. It means our time together is only ever in passing but it does always cheer me up. I saw him on Friday which really did me good.

Anyway, Mum has said that after Christmas she will make a point of us taking time to see some of my friends. We have a walk planned with a number of them on the 30th, but Mum is going to help me contact a few of them to see if they would like to meet on a one to one basis. She says when Dad is working away we can have one day out each week and travel a bit further – although it might have to wait for the building work to finish first. I’m putting a list together of who I’d like Mum to get in touch with.



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  1. A little early I know but you should start dropping hints for a puppy friend. Someone you can teach to do all the things that both you and Ari got up too. I’m sure there was mention of a Corgi not so long back? Although I am not sure how playful a Corgi is? I can’t imagine them causing chaos around the palace!!!

    • Thank you. I think I need some time to grieve for my pal before I push too hard for a puppy. Maybe soon though.

    • It really is. I always thought I’d like to be an only dog – but I don’t like it at all
      Love Wilma

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