Somewhere over the rainbow – Friday 15th December 2023

Somewhere over the rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow two dogs stand sentinel waiting for the time that Mum will eventually join them. No dogs could have adored our Mum more than Alfie and Aristotle did. In life they would have gone to the ends of the earth for her and in death they would wait for as long as it takes – hopefully a very long time.

I don’t really have words to tell you just how dreadful yesterday was. It was all so sudden and so very unexpected. One minute Ari and I were planning all the things we would do once the builders had gone and the next minute he’s not here. It would be an understatement to say he has been my partner in crime all these years. Mum used to laugh at the schemes we could come up with between us. We were a double act. Life without him is just unimaginable.

Torfheide Aristotle – 19th September 2011 to 14th December 2023

Aristotle was born on a Monday afternoon in September 2011. He arrived weighing only 292g, which is a low birth weight for one of our breed. Then he struggled against his bigger brothers and sisters to get to the milk and Mum says he used to wriggle under the pile of puppies to get to the bottom teats that were not being used. He would get pushed off all the time and had to struggle to find his way back in.

It meant that right from the start he needed extra help and Mum was on hand to make sure he got everything he needed. She gave him special time with Shadow and also partly bottle fed him. In the early days he struggled to gain weight and his fan club would send him encouragement. Mum even had a sweatshirt saying ‘The Aristotle Fan Club’.

Mum really was his mum

In Ari’s head, Mum really was his mum and he idolised her. From only a few weeks old he would sit at the side of the pen to wait for her, rather than go to Shadow. You only have to look at this picture from when he was five weeks old to see the love in his eyes. To be fair, Mum adored him almost as much.

I could write pages about him. He was such a good sport and so many people described him as a real gentleman. He was very laid back as long as he’d got Mum by his side. The two of them were never happier than when out gardening together and he was such an apple addict he made me look like an amateur.

Rest in peace

He has had health issues all his life, but never complained. The vet actually said that it felt as though his liver was enlarged now too, so there were other things going on apart from the paralysis. To be fair, his vet appointment was booked before he collapsed as Mum was concerned there was something wrong. Poor Ari, so brave and so very special.

I had the opportunity to say goodbye to him. I gave him a good sniff and nuzzle and send him on his way with my love.

Wherever he went in life the girl dogs would swoon. He had that special something that made him very attractive. I can just imagine them all lined up waiting to meet him wherever he is over the rainbow bridge.

God’s speed Aristotle. You could not have been more loved by both people and dogs than you were. You will be missed more than I can say.



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  1. I’m so very sorry Rosemary. and will be thinking of you, wishing you strength.
    Kind regards from The Netherlands,
    Inga Elstrodt

  2. It is so sad that Ari had to die so quickly. He was such a lovely dog with a big heart, helpful and loyal. We will miss him very much, even though we never got to know him personally. He has a special place in our hearts. We are thinking of you and hugging you tightly.

    • Dear Mama Susi and family
      Thank you so much. We are all very lost today
      Your ever loving daughter

  3. I am speechless, this happened quick.

    Requiescat in Pace, my dear Ari. Your daily adventures brightened up our inboxes, they made our day every day, made us laugh… I know you are busy over the Rainbow Bridge, reunited with your loved ones, Alfie, Shadow and all your siblings and friends, while only one heartbeat away from Wilma, Mum & Dad.

    We are all going to miss you! One big extra hug for Wilma! You all are in my thoughts. xx

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