Order of importance – Sunday 24th December 2023

Order of importance

Jobs have been ranked in order of importance. Sadly, the order is being dictated by the humans or more to the point – Mum! Since when has cleaning the house to get rid of all the building dust been more important than cooking lots of nice foods that Wilma can share in? Apparently, it is. Mum has promised that it means today will be about cooking instead and it’s just a postponement rather than a cancellation. I just hope that’s right. To be fair there were places that I could leave rather good pawprints in the dust so I can see some of why she thought that was important. I’d left muddy prints over most of the floors too. It is not quite as wet outside so Mum is hoping that things might stay a little cleaner.

Training treats

I was moaning to Mum that I’ve run out of my favourite treats. She prefers them too as they are much smaller than the other biscuits we’ve got for me and she doesn’t like me having too much. I’ve asked really nicely if when she’s doing the cooking later she could tray and bake some for me too. She’s found a recipe. I just need her to not run out of time to do mine now. Maybe she could start with those. I’m saying they’re training treats as she has suddenly decided that as there’s just the two of us, maybe I’d like to do some training. What does she think I am? A puppy? I’m going along with it as long as I get rewarded, but otherwise there just doesn’t seem much point.

It has never been that I don’t know what’s expected of me. I’ve always seen compliance as an optional thing and feel the need to assert my independence some of the time.



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