Five seconds – Saturday 23rd December 2023

Five seconds

Five seconds really isn’t much. Imagine Mum’s disappointment when she looked up just how much more daylight we would get today than we did yesterday and she found it was only five seconds. It got worse after that as she also discovered that our mornings will continue to get darker until the 6th of January and we get all the extra time at the end of the day. At the moment it is our mornings which are the biggest problem. Mum takes me for a good walk around our garden before the builders start in the morning but as they start at 8am, it means we have to go out rather earlier. On the bright side, the builders won’t be back until the New Year so we can have later starts for a while.

Family time

The most exciting thing is that Dad is now off work for a couple of weeks. That should mean lots and lots of cuddles. Mum is never off work. She can’t help herself from wanting to spend some time writing, but she has promised it will be less time than normal and we can all have some fun. We have plans for some of the days, but I think there will be quite a bit of chilling out too.

My stocking

Mum hasn’t got all the decorations out this year and I’m worried that Santa Paws won’t find me. My stocking isn’t up. I’d sort it out myself if I knew where she’s put it. Part of the problem is that she isn’t absolutely sure where she’s put it either. Santa Paws will still find me if I don’t put my stocking up won’t he? I’d hate to miss out. Mum says she’s sure it will be fine, but I don’t know if I’m quite so certain.



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