Impatient patient – Tuesday 30th January 2024

Impatient patient

I’m an impatient patient. I keep asking Mum if she thinks I’ve been careful with my knee long enough. I want to know if I can play ball again now. Mum has made clear that it is going to take a little while. She says the more I keep asking it is just going to seem longer – at least to her! I’m not making myself popular for learning how to take the brace off for myself. Mum got quite cross with me and said they aren’t cheap and I need to look after it. This really is so frustrating for a very active dog.

More mowing

Mum did some more mowing yesterday. The problem is that with so much grass being cut we really don’t have enough space to put it all in the compost bins. We need to get on and build the new one, but Mum said she wanted to get all the grass cut first while it was dry enough and then worry about other jobs, as they can be done when it is cold or wet. I can see her point, but I was thinking that when it was cold and wet we might stay indoors and watch the world through the window.

Doors and windows

Today is a big day on the building work. If things go to plan then the doors and windows are being fitted today. It won’t make any of the new bits usable yet, but it will make them start to look more like part of the house. It does mean there will be working inside the house soon though and I don’t see that is being such good news. Frustratingly the builders have got used to me barking at them and there I am trying to see them off the premises and they just stand there laughing at me. That is not the response I was going for.



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