A Nothing Sort of Day – Wednesday 31st January 2024

A Nothing Sort of Day

Yesterday was a nothing sort of day. This whole putting my paws up and resting my knee thing is really too much. Mum has pointed out that a few days now could save a whole lot longer later. It may surprise you but, I just don’t think that way. I think ‘jump’ so I jump. I think ‘stand on my back legs’ … you get the picture. Mum says I need to be more ‘mindful’ of what I’m doing. I’m a dog – like that’s going to happen. We have a long weekend in the Lake District to look forward to in March and I really need to be fit for that. Mum reminded me that it was that trip last year when I ended up at the vet with the ulcer on my eye. I just cannot catch a break.

Grass Cutting

Mum thinks we’re now one cut away from completing the grass cutting. She says as long as it stays dry today we should get there. It turns out that we are only just in time or we’d be cutting off the tops of all the spring bulbs that are coming through. At least now we should be able to see them when they flower. We are moving on to emptying out the next compost bin of the soil that it’s made in the last twelve months. Mum says I need to use it to top up the vegetable troughs ready for planting. I still wish I didn’t have to do any of this. Gardening isn’t my thing, but I do hate to leave Mum on her own with all of it.


February begins tomorrow and I need to help Mum decide which places we are going to visit as part of her new year’s resolutions and 10 year plan. We’re on track so far. Now I need to choose which National Trust property I want to go to. It will probably be one I’ve been to before, but if we haven’t been this year it doesn’t count. I’m trying to get Mum and Dad to include me in ‘date night’ but apparently that’s just for them.



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