A Fabulous Day – Monday 4th March 2024

A Fabulous Day

Yesterday was a fabulous day. There were six of us in the end, with our humans. We did two circuits of Daventry Country Park with a break for a drink at the half-way point. Albert and Aeschi were there. They are brother and sister but only see each other when we all go out together. They enjoy catching up and are both absolutely lovely. Flynn only did one lap as he’s got a poorly leg. He’s a lovely big boy. It’s a while since I’ve seen him, but we had a good natter. He was born in Switzerland too, so we talked about our homeland and people we both know. Toby was able to join in all of that too as he’s Swiss by birth. He’s a lovely boy and very gentle.

Aeschi, Albert, Della, Toby, Wilma and Flynn

Torfheide Della

Then there was dear darling Della. She is one of Shadow’s daughters from Shadow’s last litter. Although she’s a few months younger than me, I thought she looked a lot younger. She hasn’t gone grey. Della was so pleased to see Mum it was really lovely. In looks Della takes after her father, Max rather than Shadow, so she is taller and slimmer than her mum was. I don’t know whether Della was happier to see Mum or Mum was happier to see Della. I didn’t mind though as I’m the one who gets to bring Mum home.

Mum made me wear my leg brace and stay on my lead and I coped with the whole walk without limping or squealing. I did a fair amount of barking, but that’s to be expected.

Flynn getting a treat – what a tongue!

It was a shame that in the end Ralph, Scout and Arnie couldn’t make it, as they missed out on so much fun. Maybe they will come next time.

We have a walk planned at Tittesworth Reservoir in a few weeks, so I shall count the days down to that.



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