To be continued – Sunday 3rd March 2024

To be continued

The work to relocate the furry creatures in the compost is to be continued. I stayed inside while Mum and Dad set to work yesterday. The plan was to empty the two compost bins and move everything into the new one, so that if there was any wildlife living in it then it would be disturbed and move out. To be fair to them, Mum and Dad had moved about half of the total compost before concluding the rain was too heavy to continue. They were going to carry on but the rain didn’t stop. All they had found by that stage were a number of runs through the compost but no signs of life. If they aren’t too tired after our walk this morning they will carry on their digging then.

Paws up

I spent yesterday putting my paws up and resting my bad leg. It definitely helped and I think I’m ready for today’s walk. Mum has said I need to stay on lead to be on the safe side and I’m ok with that. I think there are at least eight of my friends coming, so I’m looking forward to it. I just hope there’s no rain today too. The forecast is for it to be dry, but then it was yesterday as well.


Mum has been spending ages looking at the details of all my ancestors. She keeps telling me about them. It’s so interesting. I can trace my ancestors all the way back to the 1920s when records began. It’s funny knowing that those very early dogs of our breed are absolutely my ancestors. When I see their pictures they looks just like me and my friends do know, which is wonderful. It makes me feel quite proud. It is going to be the 100th anniversary of our breed being officially recognised in another two years time. I think Mum is hoping to take me to the celebrations.



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