Digging holes – Tuesday 5th March 2024

Digging holes

Mum has been digging holes in the garden. Of course, I put my paw up to help with that one. You might think her holes are random, but they aren’t. Mine however are. I’m just digging for the fun of it and to see if I can find anything worth eating. Mum is digging to understand more about the water flow in our garden. We have a natural spring right in the top corner. Parts of our garden are very wet and it makes a big difference to the gardening. If you follow the line the water takes you come to where the tree died which Mum planned to replace. We’ve even bought the replacement, but until the water level goes down it doesn’t seem a good idea to plant it. Now Mum is thinking that it may have been the wet ground that killed the first one.


You can tell quite a lot about where the water goes by doing a squelch test. You stand on the grass and water comes up around your paws. If you move to the left and the right then you start to map the extent of the watercourse. It’s quite fun and very muddy. If you stand on some bits of the garden you just start to sink down into the mud, which is a little alarming. It’s not as bad with four paw drive as it is for Mum with two feet and weighing more. Mum wanted to know how far down she would sink and if the water came from above or below – that is where she was digging.

The answers

She found at least some answers. The water fills the hole from above. It’s quite fun to watch it happening. And, thankfully, you don’t sink down too far.

I don’t really know what she’s going to do with what she’s learnt. She says she’s still doing research. Apparently, it’s all to do with where the layer below our garden is mudstone rather than glaciofluvial deposits. No – I didn’t understand either and I’m not altogether sure that Mum does.



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