Good luck to my friends – Thursday 7th March 2024

Good luck to my friends

I’m sending good luck to my friends who are going to Crufts. I’m really sorry that I’m not there too, but sadly that’s the way it is. Our breed won’t be in the show ring until Saturday. Before that there will be the stand at Discover Dogs with lots of my friends meeting our public. They will have so much fun. It’s very tiring spending the day telling people about our breed, especially when we do it at the tops of our voices to make sure we’re heard. Dad will be going on Saturday, but I’m going to stay here and look after Mum for the day.

Lots of progress

There suddenly seems to be a lot of progress on our building work. I’m so grateful to Mum for sorting our office first. It does mean there is somewhere I can completely get away from it all. Yesterday the electrician was putting all the wires in the right places of my new room. There was a plumber moving one of the pipes in there too. I was pleased that they are making good progress and will show you as soon as there’s something worth seeing. There were men digging the new drains and others working on the garden room. Thankfully, they are all really nice, so although I still bark at them a lot, I don’t really mean it.

Empty boxes

Once again humans are strange. Why do they keep empty boxes? It’s not as though we have a cat who might like to play in them. My humans have quite a few empty boxes stored upstairs. What makes it even weirder is that they are now moving those empty boxes downstairs and then up a ladder into a loft above the bedroom. What a waste of time. Keeping them is pointless. Moving them carefully from place to place is a perfect example of the stupidity of humans. I will never understand them!



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