Spring is in the air – Wednesday 6th March 2024

Spring is in the air

Well spring is in the air and we’re all feeling optimistic. Mum may be being overoptimistic. She’s having the winter tyres taken off the car and the summer ones put on. Hopefully she isn’t making a big mistake.

I on the other paw have been making the most of all the work Mum and Dad did on the compost heap at the weekend. You wouldn’t believe how tasty all the bits of compost are that they dropped during the move. Mum has been quite stern with me and said I shouldn’t be eating it – but I’m a dog, what does she expect?

Building up a border

Mum is looking at ways to build up some of the wet borders so that the plants are at a higher level. She’s not sure the best way to do it. Given how wet some of the ground is, she doesn’t think wood is the best idea, so it might have to be with stones of some sort. I hope she’s not thinking of trying to do any bricklaying as I strongly suspect she could mortar all the wrong things together. On the bright side, the garden is beginning to dry out a little which is good news.

Cleaning is pointless

I’ve always said that cleaning is pointless as everywhere gets dirty again. Sadly for Mum this was proved yesterday. She had finally got around to cleaning some of the rooms thoroughly and then the builders had to come in yesterday and drill through walls in the rooms she’d cleaned. Even I felt sorry for her. Not so sorry that I offered to help clean it all again. That’s down to her. She says she has to do some of it before Granny comes over for Mother’s Day on Sunday.



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