Feeling down – Monday 1st April 2024

Feeling down

Mum and I are feeling down. On Saturday night my back was hurting so I said I’d rather sleep downstairs. Mum hates me not being in the same room as her and I guess deep down I know how she feels. Normally in our house Mum’s bedroom would be downstairs. Unfortunately, because of the building work she is having to sleep upstairs at the moment. The only alternative is the settee in the kitchen, but there is a lot of building dust around in there at the moment so it’s now ideal. Having said that, Mum has said she will sleep in the kitchen so she can be near me on any day I don’t feel like going upstairs.

Paws crossed

We just have to hope the specialist can help me. My sister Valeria sent me some information about laser technology that can be used to address back issues without the need for an operation. Mum and I have been reading up on it and Mum says it looks as though it is worth trying first even if we have to look at surgery if it doesn’t work. We think it is something the specialist I am going to can offer, so Mum is going to talk to them about it. Even if I have to go every week for a while, that does sound much better.

The photography

I stayed at home while Mum and Dad went taking photos yesterday. We had been in the garden all morning and I’d already overdone it, if I’m being honest. As they were only going out for a couple of hours I decided to put my paws up. Mum seriously thought about curling up somewhere with me, but she’d already told Dad she’d go with him. She said she spent most of the time thinking how much she missed having me there. Today’s subject is trees so I’ve said I’ll go along.



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