Cone free – Tuesday 25th April 2023

Cone Free

I’m cone free and I’m a happy boy. Wilma has asked me to stop running around whooping with joy as she is still confined and coned and it’s not fair. Mum has made me sit in her office with her when we aren’t outside so that I don’t wind Wilma up. For the next couple of nights Mum has asked if I’d mind having my cone on at night. My leg is still a little sore and she doesn’t want me chewing it without thinking about it. I said there was no risk of that – I’d think about it before doing it.

Better weather

I’m really hoping we’re going to have better weather today. Mum has promised I can have lots of outdoor time with her if it is. I’m mainly going to supervise but I can do that quite comfortably. There is plenty that needs doing so I’ll just issue the odd order here and there as Mum seems to be slacking.

One thing I’m wondering is where we can put all my squash plants. I know I’ve got a large vegetable bed for some of them but I’ve planted so many seeds that won’t nearly be big enough. I’m wondering if they could take over the front garden, but I suppose that’s not a normal approach.

Back to swimming

I’ve emailed for a date to go back to my swimming lessons. I need to give it until next week, but then it should be fine. I can’t wait to go back. Of course, when I get there I will keep up the pretence of wanting to be anywhere other than there, but I know it does me good and I really need it right now. I want to get back to being able to stand up next to Dad to beg for food. He’s a real sucker for it and gives in every time.

Love Aristotle

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